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Largely due to how often I would send things off or go to stores to trade in things I don't use anymore. This continues to this day.

I recently joined a few swapping services- primarily book and music related:

Paperbackswap- post 10, get credit for 2 free books! They deal in hardcovers and audio books, too.
Book Mooch- like Paperbackswap
Swap A CD- like the others, but for CDs instead

There's a DVD service (you can find the link via Paperbackswap), but I haven't used it yet.

Membership's free, so I urge anybody with books collecting dust to give them a whirl. The only thing you pay for is shipping the books off to requesters. In turn, you get a 'credit' to request a book from the list of books others have posted. It's a good deal, IMO.

RPGnet has some threads like that (it started with roleplaying games, but has recently expanded to include video games, miniatures, and 'other media'- DVDs, CDs, novels, etc.).

I've noticed it's hard to find a site for video games or RPGs that would follow the 1:1 trade ratio, if due to nothing else than market values/rarity of certain games. I guess in the meantime, it's RPGnet, or Noble Knight (RPGs) or for those.

Oh, and there's Freecycle, of course, for virtually anything else that you might want to see go to a good home.

This post also reminded me of that "Xmas Gift Exchange" idea that took place a couple of years back at the Dulles Town Center. Essentially, it was a giant swap meet for people with Christmas gifts that they couldn't use or didn't want- they'd go, and see if there was something they might want, and trade for it. Not a bad idea, really, if you can divorce it from the perceived sanctity of a gift given for something like Christmas.

Date: 2008-02-08 04:35 pm (UTC)
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Have you seen BookCrossing?

Basically you register a book with them, get a sticker with the book's ID# and put it in the book(the sticker also explains what Book Crossing is), and then leave it somewhere in your city. Then post to the site about where you left it. You can track books you've released into the wild, and see where they end up. They've got a section for hunting so you can search for books in your city.

Date: 2008-02-08 04:47 pm (UTC)
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Interesting- how does it work in practice? That is, the random folks who find these books, do they normally bother to report having found them? Are the instructions as to what to do with it?


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