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Got the fixtures set up and almost entirely installed in the new bathroom. Just need to put in some liquid nail for the sink, hook up the connector hoses for the faucets, and tighten up the plumbing underneath (question to DIYers: with plastic piping, do you need plumber's putty to ensure the seal?). Shout-out to the missus for hacksawing down the floor bolts that were too long to cap at first.

The new toilet works so far; need to caulk around the base but it seems to be set. Next comes the light fixture, the mirror, then the towel ring, and finally pictures. We're going with a TP stand rather than wall fixture due to the small-ish size of the bathroom, and a lack of desire to see someone knee it and tear it out of the wall.

Fixed the running toilet in the master bath, but had to buy new bolts- the gaskets on the old septic tank bolts had just had too rough a time over the years.

I'm going home tonight to put away laundry, clean out my closet, and double check our handiwork from the weekend. Bathroom floormats are in desparate need of cleaning (there's some kind of funk that the shower door picks up and drains whenever we open it- at some point, I may try to get the stall entirely replaced), and the kitchen needs mopping. Need to pick up a new showerhead for the master bath- it's looking funky, no matter how often I clean it.

Fireworks this weekend were nice; went to the South Riding show on the 3rd, then set off our own at my father-in-law's place on the 4th. At some point, my poor wife lost her cellphone. One could argue that it's just hardware, but bear in mind that she had pictures of her late mother on it that we can't retrieve now. She jokes that she's gone through the grieving process of losing a loved one.

Work this weekend was not so bad- got to feel like I contributed to the cause, and I didn't feel like I was above my head to a ridiculous degree. I might actually be getting good at this, if you can imagine that.

Now then, back to the house now that I think about it: so far, we've replaced the 11 year-old AC unit with a new, high efficiency/quiet unit, and have (shy of some details) roughed in a bathroom on the lower level (bringing the total to 2 HBs, 2 FBs). I have hopes that this will help with home valuation when we go to refinance. Aside from that (and cleaning the house), any cheap methods of improving the appraisal when we have someone walk it?


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