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 ... but when it's 1) about MMA/fighting and 2) 'dummies down' a bunch of exercises that aren't quite ordinary, it can't hurt.  

Had a 25% coupon to Borders, so stopped by for a quick sec to check on an online order (Auburn Lull's Regions Less Parallel CD), and remembered to look for a book I had seen at the library:  Training for Warriors, by Martin Rooney.  

It's got a slew of full-color photos (in good resolution) of not only typical 'holds' seen in BJJ and MMA, but of various strikes from boxing, kickboxing, and so on.  Exercises are similiarly presented, with what seems to be a good run of photos detailing how each one is done.  It's a hefty book (and would've cost roughly $30 w/o the coupon), but looks to be a good read from a quick perusal.  It's sitting in my car, awaiting my read/use of it.

I was watching TV the other night, and came across a commercial for MMA fights being broadcast on CBS, EliteXC Saturday Night Fights.  It's Lawler vs. Smith, mediumweights.  To be honest, I have no idea who they are.  For someone who claims to be interested in this stuff, I'm decidedly ignorant.  Then again, it offers a certain perspective when I do watch fights- I don't have favorites.  Jack Dempsey once said that if you watch a fight, don't watch the guy you're rooting for- watch the fight.

I think I'd like to watch more amateur stuff.  I say that, just because it seems like 'high-level'/pro fights are over so fast... watching a fight go for awhile as the new blood tries to figure out how to get a decisive tempo going was fun in boxing, so I imagine it'd be the same for MMA.


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