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So, things look like they're working out for the surprise party I'm putting together for my wife's 30th birthday.

Saturday is an outing to the zoo in Maryland (neither one of us knew about it until a news report came up last month about a baby elephant being born there), and dinner at the Melting Pot in Reston. Sunday... a friend is coming up from out of town to help me keep the missus away from the house till about 1 (we have church that morning, which helps take up time, too). My neighbor has agreed to be available earlier in the day to let our friends in, and to store food/drinks at their place. It's about 25 people (including kids) right now, which isn't too crazy. It's going to be really informal- ice cream, cake, deli platters, that kind of thing.

Mostly, I just want her to have time to be with her friends; we're so busy that we don't always get that.

I've gotta put together the 'gift certificate' in Powerpoint that I plan to give her- basically, it's a 'Good for dance lessons at a studio of your choice' kind of thing. Also working on the poem I'm going to be giving her.

Should I do flowers? I dunno. We have so many in the house already... maybe I should send some to her office, but I dunno.


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