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So, went down to JMU this weekend with the missus and some friends- we're not alum, but our friends are, so we decided to make a day trip of it.  Weather held out, thankfully enough (we had gone down a couple of years ago, when it was absolutely frigid); this was the homecoming game against Delaware, and I have to say, we had pretty good seats (overlooking the Madison endzone), even if I don't really follow team sports.

I'm reminded why I don't drink, or if I do, I keep it to one.  There was this drunk guy behind us in the stands with his friends.  He was nice enough (in that 'lack of inhibition due to inebriation' kind of way), and really chatty.  Kept us laughing the whole time.  His sister in law ended up sitting next to me- I'd say freshman or sophomore.  Nice, and apologetic for her brother-in-law.  He was also kind of 'touchy', joking about how 'this isn't weird, because we're secure... and oh, you look tense, let me rub your shoulders... don't let your wife see!" (with my wife sitting there, cracking up).  I don't really mind it, per se, but after 3 quarters, I was kind of reaching that point of "Okay, dude... just wanna watch the game, and these tickets weren't cheap".  I'd like to think I was a pretty good sport about it; his friends decided it'd be a good idea to go put more alcohol in him before the end of the 4th quarter, so they left early.  High fives ensued.  At any rate, I couldn't do the comedy justice in an LJ post.

Got some time to play the Mirror's Edge demo on the 360.  LOVE the visual design- bright enough to make it visually appealing, but it somehow, nevertheless, is able to give that 'feel' of a corrupt metropolis.  Didn't encounter the motion sickness that seems to be rumored.  It's an interesting gameplay mechanic, trying to implement parkour into a controller layout- perhaps it interests me from the fact that 'real life' parkour is amazing to watch, I don't know.

Halloween was tame- 19 kiddies came to the door, leaving us with a bunch of candy.  Got the hot water heater replaced for just under $1200 (they had to cut in some piping, since our old heater sat up on tripod legs, which let it 'seat' over a drain pipe in the floor), all by a fluke discovery of a gas leak.  I'd complain, but, y'know, $1200 for not dying a fiery death is a pretty good deal.
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Given the state of the market, and our drive to 'get our house in order' financially, it's unlikely I'll be getting any new stuff for a while.  To sate myself, I'll either be trading on sites like (recommended), or renting via GameFly.

I love me some Goozex, though- you send in games and get credit, and use that credit to 'buy' games.  The market provides for, I think, a MUCH fairer ROI for used games than Gamestop does.  I have Oblivion GOTY Edition (360) coming to me, in fact... and it's how I got ahold of almost all of my 360 games (Halo 3 for $20 after rebate, and GTA4 free after trade-in notwithstanding)- by trading games I already owned.

That said... there's a slew of games coming out that interest me.... and yes, this is much like my post from a month or so ago.  :)

UFC Domination
Fable 2
Fallout 3
Saint's Row 2 (hearing good things here- a GTA4 killer, perhaps?)
Tekken 6
Splinter Cell: Conviction
Star Wars: Force Unleashed (on my queue to rent already)
Fight Night Round 4
Rock Band 2 (of course, we'd need instruments)
Red Faction 3
Dead Space
Armored Core: Answer
Mirror's Edge (parkour!)
Far Cry 2 (the trailer looks beautiful)
Bionic Commando (not the XBLA Rearmed title)
Tenchu: Shadow Assault
Spider Man: Web of Shadows

Ghostbusters 3
Star Wars Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels
Animal Crossing
Deadly Creatures
Murasama: Demon Blade
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So, I'm waiting for some reports to run here, late at the office (yeah, I know 5:15's not that bad... but I got here prior to 7, so....).

Been reading up on some previews of upcoming games.

I so want UFC'09 to be good. I really do.

EDIT: Man, there are some neat looking games coming out soon. On my 'to check out list':

Star Wars: Force Unleashed
Civilization Revolutions
Lego Batman
Far Cry 2
Left for Dead
Age of Conan
Champions Online (I'm a sucker, having played the tabletop game)
Fight Night Round 4
Call of Duty: World at War
Tom Clancy's EndWar
Street Fighter IV

There are others... but DAMN. Glad I got my Gamefly subscription renewed...


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