Sep. 18th, 2008

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Went for another run last night- remembered the posture from before, and did my roughly 2 mile run.  Shaved about a minute off, mostly because I didn't need to stop for traffic since I ran a little later in the evening.  It's starting to get to that 'just barely uncomfortably cool' stage when the sun drops- I'm looking forward to sweater weather (it means I don't have to iron my shirts as often).  :)

Slipped on my Everlast gel-shock gloves, just to try them on, afterwards.  Looked at the garage.  I *really* want to clean that sucker out and water up the Wavemaster, kind of turn it into a make-shift gym/ work area (a la the massive desk against the wall, where I plan to paint miniatures, and do minor repair jobs).  I have 20, 25, and 35 lb. dumbbells, my running shoes, a jump rope, the Wavemaster (and necessary gloves, wraps, etc. to use it).  Only thing I think I'd want to add is an incline bench for crunches.  Figure I can find one on Craigslist or something- they can't be *that* expensive.

Best Buy has a sale going on (it's been going on for a while, according to; if you're like me and have a thing for 80s cartoons, you might be interested to know that the He-Man boxed sets are running for $10 a pop.  I got a $30 gift card to BB from my brother and his family for my birthday, so I dropped it and picked up three of them; just need Season 1/Volume 1, and that'll complete the collection (I'm waiting for the more recent version that aired on Cartoon Network to go on sale).  I'm slowly building my collection of Robotech, Transformers, Voltron, and Galaxy Rangers DVDs.  :)
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1) Are there any fighters with a 'no-win' record who are still 'active'?

2) Do losers get any kind of pay from a lost match?

3) Are there such things as 'exhibition MMA' matches on the professional circuit?
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... and of course, they don't make them for MMA.  Well, they *do*, but not something comparable to what one would wear for a team sport (football, etc.).

The reason I'm looking is that the Powers That Be here at the office have announced a BBQ day in early October as a 'tailgate party', and have opened the floor for attire to jerseys from anything competitive (football, soccer, basketball, etc.).  The MMA jerseys I've seen have been more akin to tanks, which are verboten. 

So, I's outta luck unless someone can suggest something.  I was thinking rash guard (long sleeve), but I dunno.

FASHIONISTA UPDATE:  MMA jerseys I've seen are similar enough to basketball jerseys in design.  Undershirt it is, then.  That, or a Marine Corps 'football style jersey' piece.


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