Sep. 4th, 2008

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Hard drive was replaced and copied over; AFAICT, we didn't lose anything.  All pics, music, documents intact.  Major programs work fine.  I picked up an external HD last night (using my gift cards that I got for my birthday meant for an MP3 player *sigh*).  So, lesson learned.  A nearly $400 lesson, but still.

I think I may need to send the Wii in.  That's fine.  I'd rather it work than have to worry it's just going to die entirely on us.  I found the support website, and know what to do to get it to them.

The Uniden handset.  I'm going to see if I can just buy one separately for cheap.  Failing that, I have other handsets that I could use (the current series of handsets are 'slaved' through a base that's in the kitchen.  We have another jack upstairs; I don't see why more than one 'type' of handset couldn't be used as long as each 'primary base' is jacked in ).

Got the property tax bills for the cars last night.  Blargh.  Was hoping to put that towards the credit card.  Speaking of, I still have a fraudulent charge showing up from last month that I was told was going away.  So.  Called them.  They're investigating.  But I've never wanted to tear somebody's throat out with my teeth before; how very lucky that whoever it is remains anonymous.

Refinance will go slowly.  I think what we may have to do is just start sinking red cents into the home and wait for the value to recover.  It's not ideal, but then again, neither is fretting over a situation we can't really change.  Stocks have more or less bottomed out as far as I'm concerned; I'm prepared to write them off if Treasury comes in.  I'd rather get *something* out of it, but who knows.  More concerning is the rumor of 401(k) liquidation, especially since nobody seems to know what that entails- what, they just take back what they contractually agreed to match?  Or we have to find some way of rolling it?  Or do they just cash us out, and take the tax hit as a write-off?


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