May. 19th, 2008

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So, Saturday was spent going from a picnic for my wife's work, to my brother's birthday party, and dealing with illness and allergies all around. Yay.

Sunday- my wife left for a conference. I managed to clean all 3 bathrooms, finish the laundry, vacuum the house, cut the lawn (including trim), pay the bills, take out the trash, clean the house (the downstairs was a MESS), and got some time to sit down and play Call of Duty 4. Oh, also installed Skype, but I need to grab a headset (suggestions welcome).

Oh, also managed to make my way out to Borders with my 40% off coupon; picked up Threats of the Galaxy for Star Wars Saga. It's an interesing read... hope to have more time to peruse.

Tonight is going to be semi-relaxing; I say 'semi', because there's still stuff to be done, but it's largely on the computer, it's not uber-important, and I can take my time. Oh, and it's really more 'housekeeping to keep my personal Zen in line' than anything else. File and photo management, upping PC security, that kind of thing.

Looking forward to the new job- start June 1st. Yaaay payraise! Oh, and the missus and I will be making a trip to Florida soonish to see my mom and stepdad. Yaaay vacation!
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Anybody know of a fun source for avatars and 'mood icons' for LJ? Avatars, I know, can be easy to come by- I guess I'm just interested in seeing a 'series' of them that kind of 'belong' together.

The moodicons are a different matter- the smileys are decent, but I'm looking for other stuff. Dunno what. Can non-paying LJ members customize their mood icons?
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So, I played the Bourne Identity demo on the 360; watched a few clips of fight scenes from that series of movies.

Whatever that dude's using? I want to be able to do that. I mean, I realize it's all Hollywood-ized and choreographed, and all (and that it's likely a mix of FMA, krav maga, and other combatives)- but being able to hand out a beating in just such a short amount of time is something I want to be able to do.

Don't get me wrong- it's not because I want to, or particularly enjoy the prospect of being involved in a fight. It's just a realization that I could be in so much better shape than I am now, were I to focus my efforts on something. I don't know as a marathon would interest me (I'd train for one, but I think the run itself would get boring). Weights are great, but to what purpose would I put that strength?

But martial arts. That's my dance, right there. I've always enjoyed it; even when I complain about not 'getting it' (case in point, grappling), I still enjoy it. I feel like I'm doing something... that what I'm training to do has an application. (I suppose the argument could be made that the dance lessons I'm going to be buying for my wife and I will fill that role, too, of course).

I'm eating better (barring the now-and-again snack of a few crackers with Nutella); I've been hit-or-miss with the gym, but my new work schedule seems that it'll allow me around an hour or so at the gym every morning, coming in at the time I do now. I guess all that's left is... what? Vitamins? And then training. I wonder how my schedule (later start time means later leave time, unfortunately) and payraise will allow for that once I finish paying off a couple of bills...


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