May. 1st, 2008

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The Count was not accustomed to waiting. He hated waiting. The machinations he had set in motion would solidify his powerbase here in Liberty City. Waiting simply delayed them.

His underlings, Bert and Ernie, finally rounded the corner in their Escalade.

"Ten! Ten minutes late! Ah ah ah!" The Count cackled; most thought it was simply a mannerism. Bert and Ernie knew better. They knew what happened to those who crossed The Count. Oscar knew, too. He wasn't always living out of a trash can- that happened after he tried to doublecross The Count, who then made sure that Oscar never worked in Liberty City again. That he was still alive was testament to some kind of wicked patience that The Count possessed.

"Sorry, boss. Had to feed the pigeons. Ernie locked us out again."
"Hey, Bert! I told you we needed to get that lock checked!"

"Silence! Do you have the goods? The Snuffalufagus only crosses through here every so often. The Bird says he's due later today. I want to make sure we're there for the exchange."
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I broke out a little STP this morning; their debut CD Core still played just fine, despite it being, what, nearly a decade since I spun it up?  Still remember the words, it turns out.

I've found myself taken with the artwork some music artists use on their album covers; most notably that of bands like Paik, Auburn Lull, and random others. This infatuation has presented itself as a curiosity... I ask questions of the album covers. I often keep the album art in mind when I play the CD... I imagine the band taking cues from that location, person, or what-have-you; I also wonder if the location only means something to them (hence, inconsequential, in the grand scheme of things, anyways).

For instance... )

What's funny is that newer CDs/bands don't seem to do it for me. It's more indy (or those of the last decade or so)artists that are (in my eyes) able to get visuals and audibles to congeal.

Also? I'm totally naming my first CD Inconsequential Audible Landscapes. If I had a grain of talent, that is. 


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