Mar. 7th, 2008

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So, I'm realizing that now would be a good time to buy some of my firm's stock. I don't have a brokerage account setup, though, and I've been asking around and doing some reading on my own.

Consumer Reports has FirstTrade and E*Trade as the top 2 choices; I've also had Sharebuilder suggested to me (both from my manager, and having it advertised heavily via my online degree program).

Any suggestions as to who to use or avoid? Any anecdotes or experiences of which you think I should be aware?
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So, a buddy of mine sent a Youtube link to me, stating more or less what I did in the subject line above. Having watched it, I can see why. I think it's made *more* disturbing by not seeing what actually happened after the landing.

Do a Youtube search for "grape stomp woman". You'll hear/see what I mean.

I do have to admit I laughed, though, but not at the lady getting hurt. I laughed when they went back to the studio. The anchors were trying so very hard to keep a professional demeanor, and all their facial expressions were saying was "Day-yum, girl." I'm told the comments on Youtube were cruel, but for the sake of my own sanity, I don't read them. Besides, generally, the quality suggest that somebody simply pumped a chimp full of hallucinogens and gave him a keyboard.

Hit the gym again today; treadmill run for 1.25 miles (11:30- kind of slow, but I figure that's what I get for slacking so long). I'm looking forward to it clearing up a bit outside. Also did a bunch of ab work, and some free weights. Slow going, but I keep thinking about the endgame- and how much better I'll feel. I worry about my diet, and am making a concious effort to change. Need to be around a long time to ann... support... my family. ;)


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