Feb. 4th, 2008

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I didn't even watch for the game, really- I mean, it was slow in the middle, and a low-scoring game overall. NY pulled it out, though, so kudos to them (I didn't really have a dog in this fight, so I have to say the Pats did a decent job, too).

But the commercials... man. See, the commercials are really the only reason I watch. And there were, what, two? Three? good ones. The Pepsi Max/"What Is Love" commercial, the Hank the Clydsdale, and the giant Dorito Mouse are the only ones that stand out to me as being worthy of mention. The others were either boring, stupid, or gross ("Follow your heart" comes to mind).

Actually, the E-Trade Baby commercials did make me laugh ("I underestimated the creepiness") and the new Iron Man trailer was a nice look at the armor.

It was good to hang out with some friends, though.
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We're deep in the process of cleaning- primarily in the form of having packed away our Christmas decorations, and swapping the office/crafts room and guest bedroom (the office used to be the larger room; we figured it made more sense to give guests a little more legroom).

Now we must sort boxes. Boxes we've not opened since moving in about a year and a half ago. Small boxes, big boxes, half-empty boxes. They've been sitting in the garage, taunting, waiting for the chance to strike. But I've beaten them to the punch, you see. I carried them from the garage to the den, and set them in the open for all to observe- no more hiding! Now we face each other on the field of battle!

For cleanliness! For organization!



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