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I wonder if America hasn't set itself up for disappointment- don't get me wrong, I voted for Obama.  I think he was the better of the candidates, and perhaps the best I can remember in my personal voting history.

But, consider what we've left on his plate.  Consider, too, that there's still time for things to go really, really wrong before he swears in.  And no matter what happens (particularly with the strong lopsided control across the board we now see), it will be the 'Democrats' fault' if things dont' get fixed within a very short span of time.

The retort is, of course, that the Republicans would fare no better, no matter what the zealots believe.  But that doesn't really matter- there are those convinced that they're the only 'real' Americans around.  Americans who supported other Americans who did things like flout the Constitution, hate on people of non-Christian faith and of ethnicity, undermine basic liberties, cut veteran's benefits and combat pay while stating how unAmerican it was to not support putting them in harm's way (this one really burns my cabbage), and so on.  But... it's okay.  Because they're Real Americans.  Cries to see Obama burn in hell, oaths that they will do everything in their power to undermine him just so they can say 'told you so'.  These are not Real Americans.  They are small people, at a masquerade.  I count them as my countrymen.... but I do not do so proudly.

That said... I am so proud of America as an entity.  I think we can, hopefully, finally dispense with looking at someone's faith, or their choice in partner, or any other non-relevant aspects and focus on the truth of their character and method of supporting the nation.

(On that note... all in favor of adding "Not Just No But Hell No" on ballots like Proposition 8?  AYE!)
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