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Well, Sony has stopped shipments to CC based upon fears that they can't pay their bills.  News to me, but then, I don't go to CC anymore unless they have a really good deal.  Rumors suggest Best Buy will buy them up.

Yeah, asking CC employees for information about their supposed 'area of expertise' is like trying to ask them to name the capital of three states. Any states. It's just *work*, and where do I get off trying to make them think?

And their laughable 'order online and pick up from the store' ideal is really a good idea- but God help you if there's some kind of rebate involved. NOBODY ever knows how to handle one of those, and when pushed, they'll counter that 'everything is on their website'.

It also might have fared better had not every Circuit City I walked into doubled as a club wherein the disinterested employees took turns trying to blow out speakers and woofers with shitty rap music, whilst I tried to make myself heard enough to ask where I could find blank CDs (generally involving me having to make near-obscene gestures to get my request across, and just being pointed 'over there' while he/she either continued talking on the phone, fiddling with an MP3 player, or bobbing his/her head in time with said rap music).
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