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2008-11-13 11:25 pm

[Xbox360] Zombies, lost causes, and a side dish of awesome.

So, I downloaded the Left 4 Dead demo for the 360.

Oh. My. God.

I only toyed with the single player (and managed to hit both saferooms on the first run throughs on normal), but I can see this being a game to play over and over and over again with buddies. It's just go such a tension, a frenetic pace to it that it just screams replay. There are some VERY small things I'd add that I personally think would make it perfect (character customization, 'fireman carry/shoulder drag' for wounded teammates, and a bit more interaction with the world in the way of things exploding when you shoot them), but as I don't know what kind of limitations they hit in design, I have to argue this is about as close to genre-perfect as one can manage.

And the idea of controlling the hordes (if that is indeed how it works) is just too good to pass up. Even the demo, controlled by the AI director, managed to keep us on edge- and by us, I mean me and the 3 bots with me... surprisingly enough, they're effective at watching each others backs, and even managed to rescue me when I got in deep a couple of times).
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2008-11-12 08:16 am

Barack Hussein Obama Blackeagle

Taken from RPGnet: "He's part black, part white, now he's a Crow Indian. He's Christian, with familiarity with Islam in his childhood, the son of an immigrant and a single mother. It's beginning to look like Barack Obama IS America."

Seriously. The man's been adopted officially into the Crow tribe, in the Blackeagle family. It was joked on RPGnet that all that would be left is for him to come out as bisexual, and he'd be 'complete'. ;)

I just think this story is *cool*, and wanted to share. And his new tribal name? "One Who Helps People Throughout the Land". Yeah.
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2008-11-12 07:13 am

Meme: I'm Under Arrest!

If you saw me in a police car, what would you think I got arrested for? Answer, then if you want, post to your own journal and see how many crimes you get accused of.

(Yoinked from multiple sources)
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2008-11-11 07:46 am

[Video Games] Living on the edge...

Please let Mirror's Edge be as good as I hope.
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2008-11-11 07:18 am

*salutes fellow veterans*

Here's to all those who chose to serve and defend their nation!

Happy Veteran's Day!
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2008-11-08 12:54 pm

Grrr.... so *now* I consider myself a 'real' homeowner.

Sooo... found a gas leak from our hot water heater last week.  It's right next to the furnace.  That was about $1100 to replace.  Not happy, but I'm not sure what price I'd put on not dying a fiery, explosive death.
Earlier this year, we had to rip out the A/C and replace the entire unit- that was about $3400 after financing (I didn't want to dip that heavily into savings); the rate's good, so we're not losing much to interest.
So, last night it wasn't too much of a surprise to learn that two of the blowers in our furnace are cracked and are leaking CO2 into the vents that go into the house.  So, we're without heat until next week, Thursday the earliest.  I can deal with that- we have space heaters, blankets and warm clothes.  That's about another $3400, labor included that we're paying outright.
So.  These things come in threes, right?  I mean, we're done for now?  Can we make it to next year without a massive issue, say like the tub collapsing through the top floor, or our washer and dryer blasting through the back exterior wall?  Because that'd be keen to not have to deal with that right now.  We've already decided we're not doing Christmas gifts this year because of all this.
*sigh*  But hey.  We have a roof over our heads, food on the table, and jobs.  So I guess it's not so bad.  But I really would have liked to have paid off the car this year (about 2 years early).
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2008-11-05 11:28 am

And now, we see what he is made of.

I wonder if America hasn't set itself up for disappointment- don't get me wrong, I voted for Obama.  I think he was the better of the candidates, and perhaps the best I can remember in my personal voting history.

But, consider what we've left on his plate.  Consider, too, that there's still time for things to go really, really wrong before he swears in.  And no matter what happens (particularly with the strong lopsided control across the board we now see), it will be the 'Democrats' fault' if things dont' get fixed within a very short span of time.

The retort is, of course, that the Republicans would fare no better, no matter what the zealots believe.  But that doesn't really matter- there are those convinced that they're the only 'real' Americans around.  Americans who supported other Americans who did things like flout the Constitution, hate on people of non-Christian faith and of ethnicity, undermine basic liberties, cut veteran's benefits and combat pay while stating how unAmerican it was to not support putting them in harm's way (this one really burns my cabbage), and so on.  But... it's okay.  Because they're Real Americans.  Cries to see Obama burn in hell, oaths that they will do everything in their power to undermine him just so they can say 'told you so'.  These are not Real Americans.  They are small people, at a masquerade.  I count them as my countrymen.... but I do not do so proudly.

That said... I am so proud of America as an entity.  I think we can, hopefully, finally dispense with looking at someone's faith, or their choice in partner, or any other non-relevant aspects and focus on the truth of their character and method of supporting the nation.

(On that note... all in favor of adding "Not Just No But Hell No" on ballots like Proposition 8?  AYE!)
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2008-11-04 11:57 pm

And, history.

Hit the polls @ 4:30 today.  Took all of 5 minutes; even so, it irks me to hear people complain of having to do something so simple as wait- particularly considering the sacrifices made.

*voted Democrat, but raises his glass of non-alcoholic beverage to the Republicans who treated this election with respect, and voted on facts and love of country.*

And yet- I worry.  Would *any* President be prepared for the challenges ahead?  

Even so... this is history... and we were part of it.
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2008-11-03 10:45 am

Voting fraud pisses me off. But there's something else.

I cling to the notion of every citizen being involved in the election process as being a fundamental right of sentience; you SHOULD have the opportunity to be part of the system that dictates who will lead your nation and implement policies on your behalf (the rare exception being someone who has actively worked as a traitor to the nation- I mean, I'm not even sure I understand why felons can't vote).

Now, that said, I have very, very creative ideas about what to do to people who attempt to undermine that process by way of intimidation, falsehoods, or other impediements.  But you wanna know who takes a close second?

Those people who say that 'anybody who's fooled by those machinations deserve not to vote'.  It's an arrogant, petulant cry that assumes everybody is educated enough on the process, and in general.  Part of our society operates under a cover of fear- fear of being outed on some misdeed, fear of being 'found out' on some charge.  Nobody's a saint; we need to look out for each other just a little more.

To those people who take that elitist viewpoint, I have one thing to say:

"Know what?  FUCK YOU, that's what."
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2008-11-03 10:25 am

[Xbox360] John Woo's Stranglehold- late to the party

Finally got to play the demo.

DAMN that's fun. Not perfect, but a LOT of fun.

Anybody still playing this? I know I'm late to the party and all... but wow.
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2008-11-03 08:49 am

Circuit City- almost RIP?

Well, Sony has stopped shipments to CC based upon fears that they can't pay their bills.  News to me, but then, I don't go to CC anymore unless they have a really good deal.  Rumors suggest Best Buy will buy them up.

Yeah, asking CC employees for information about their supposed 'area of expertise' is like trying to ask them to name the capital of three states. Any states. It's just *work*, and where do I get off trying to make them think?

And their laughable 'order online and pick up from the store' ideal is really a good idea- but God help you if there's some kind of rebate involved. NOBODY ever knows how to handle one of those, and when pushed, they'll counter that 'everything is on their website'.

It also might have fared better had not every Circuit City I walked into doubled as a club wherein the disinterested employees took turns trying to blow out speakers and woofers with shitty rap music, whilst I tried to make myself heard enough to ask where I could find blank CDs (generally involving me having to make near-obscene gestures to get my request across, and just being pointed 'over there' while he/she either continued talking on the phone, fiddling with an MP3 player, or bobbing his/her head in time with said rap music).
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2008-11-03 08:25 am

J... M... U.... Duuuuuuukes!

So, went down to JMU this weekend with the missus and some friends- we're not alum, but our friends are, so we decided to make a day trip of it.  Weather held out, thankfully enough (we had gone down a couple of years ago, when it was absolutely frigid); this was the homecoming game against Delaware, and I have to say, we had pretty good seats (overlooking the Madison endzone), even if I don't really follow team sports.

I'm reminded why I don't drink, or if I do, I keep it to one.  There was this drunk guy behind us in the stands with his friends.  He was nice enough (in that 'lack of inhibition due to inebriation' kind of way), and really chatty.  Kept us laughing the whole time.  His sister in law ended up sitting next to me- I'd say freshman or sophomore.  Nice, and apologetic for her brother-in-law.  He was also kind of 'touchy', joking about how 'this isn't weird, because we're secure... and oh, you look tense, let me rub your shoulders... don't let your wife see!" (with my wife sitting there, cracking up).  I don't really mind it, per se, but after 3 quarters, I was kind of reaching that point of "Okay, dude... just wanna watch the game, and these tickets weren't cheap".  I'd like to think I was a pretty good sport about it; his friends decided it'd be a good idea to go put more alcohol in him before the end of the 4th quarter, so they left early.  High fives ensued.  At any rate, I couldn't do the comedy justice in an LJ post.

Got some time to play the Mirror's Edge demo on the 360.  LOVE the visual design- bright enough to make it visually appealing, but it somehow, nevertheless, is able to give that 'feel' of a corrupt metropolis.  Didn't encounter the motion sickness that seems to be rumored.  It's an interesting gameplay mechanic, trying to implement parkour into a controller layout- perhaps it interests me from the fact that 'real life' parkour is amazing to watch, I don't know.

Halloween was tame- 19 kiddies came to the door, leaving us with a bunch of candy.  Got the hot water heater replaced for just under $1200 (they had to cut in some piping, since our old heater sat up on tripod legs, which let it 'seat' over a drain pipe in the floor), all by a fluke discovery of a gas leak.  I'd complain, but, y'know, $1200 for not dying a fiery death is a pretty good deal.
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2008-10-31 07:06 am

You do not see this. This post is not here.

You will not laugh at the content of this site.  It is to be treated with the respect you would treat your ancestors, and shall bring honor to your clan.

I did not tactically procure this link from [ profile] allandaros .
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2008-10-30 11:50 pm

"Good's gonna triumph over evil....

.... just as soon as it learns to fight dirty."

Movie rights granted for the Preacher (as in DC Vertigo comics) film.

Me = happy.  :)

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2008-10-30 09:03 am

Another (relatively small) financial setback.

Found out we had a gas leak from our hot water heater last night- and not a small one, either.  Thankfully, the tank was full, so we could manage hot showers.  Heater was shut off, and we're getting a new one tomorrow evening.

Servicer tried to push it to Monday, but this was after they already had to delay the original scheduled appointment- by almost a week.  So, I told them that, y'know, for having a thing leaking gas that we could've found out about a week ago, I think it'd be best if they came tomorrow.

So, they are.  It's roughly $1000 (including installation, from what I'm being told), and I don't think the warranty will cover it- it's not a breakdown.  God knows that getting poisoned on gas isn't worthy of a replacement on those merits.  *shrug*

The things 12 and half years old, though, so I guess I can't ask too much more of it.