Jul. 17th, 2008

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So, I've been thinking about my life.  This is not unusual, particularly given how my company has been the subject of some interest in the news lately.  But this is not about that.

This is about how much crap I have, and how much more productive I could be.

See, some of you know that I've been lamenting our financial situation- not that we're poor, but more that I fear being able to provide for a family once my wife and I start trying to have kids.  Couple that with trying to get our house re-financed, and it's not odd to think it's a source of some stress.

And when I go home, I just see stuff on the shelves.  Books.  DVDs.  Video games and consoles (Jesus, I have a PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, (2) Dreamcasts- one in need of repair, and an old 8-bit Nintendo).  Board games.  Miniatures.  Clothes.  Boxes of 'collector items' (read: toys like the original Optimus Prime, and Matchbox-era Robotech vehicles) And I think "How much of this do I actually *use*?".  And then I start thinking about how the money spent on those things could have been put towards our debt- the credit card (which, thankfully, has a relatively low balance), the car, the house.  Savings and retirement.  This isn't *always* fair to me, since some of these things I traded for, was given, or got for virtually nothing (how I love me some used book stores and 'swap sites').

Oh, I get to play, now and again (whether tabletop or video).  But not like I did 'back then'.  And when kids come along, I can imagine time will be shorter still.  So I've made myself a promise- whenever I go to, say, buy a book, I'll remember that the money I'd be spending could be earning interest.  Or lessening the interest we're paying.  I could be securing our future.

I won't be the guy with the brand new video game- I'll be the man who puts food on the table (via cooperation with my wife of course, who works her ass off).

As for productivity- I need a staycation.  A full week of not going out, not going to work, not having social visits, just to get the house cleaned, donations sorted and delievered, and all those small errands that I never seem to get to.


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