Jun. 6th, 2008


Jun. 6th, 2008 08:09 am
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So, had the technician out last night to look at the AC. Finally, it seems we found a guy who knows what he's doing, and what to look for.

Instead of "Well... could be a coil crack... could be this... could be that...", we got: "I'ma use my little tool here to sniff out what's going on. *Beeeeep!* Yup. Coil crack. Right there. They didn't catch this before? Not even when they pulled it to clean it? Huh."

So, between talking to the technician, and his supervisor, and my warranty group, we're going to be dropping shy of four grand to replace the whole coil unit AND the exterior unit with a high-efficiency model (the whole thing's going on 10 years old, so within the next two years I'd probably have to do that anyways).

Sadly, since the compressor didn't go, the warranty group won't cover the cost of the new unit (it's 'not a breakdown'). They are, however, covering the coil. The exterior unit's around three grand; the rest is due to installation and modification fees due to the nature of the unit (damn you, Carrier!).

So, yeah, this means I'll be talking around today to figure out the financing for it. There goes the damned rebate check. Oh, and I will DEFINIITELY be asking them what they can do for me in light of the 900 DOLLAR coil cleaning that I had to pay for out of pocket last year that DIDN'T ACTUALLY FIX THE PROBLEM.


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