Jan. 7th, 2008

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Got to see my gaming group, but as the game went on, I started feeling light headed and nauseous. This wouldn't have been an issue, normally, as I would've just gone home and slept it off, but I was going to be attending a gathering of local folks from RPGnet. By the time I got home, the only thing that felt right was to sleep. So I did. I'm hoping nobody's (hi Thalaric!) mad that I backed out. :(

Did get some game time with Call of Duty 4 here and there, though- ended up beating it on Easy difficulty. A friend who was staying with us got my Battlestations: Midway as a late Christmas gift; haven't tried it yet, but I enjoyed the demo. The missus got me Fuzion Frenzy 2 so that we'd have something to play together. :)

Sunday... slept in. LATE. Felt better, but not 100%- didn't eat much. Neighbor came over to work on the bathroom; I 'helped' in the way of holding tools and moving things. Got the fan working, and the ceiling in; now we mud, tape, prime, and paint (all of which I, thankfully, can do). Then we buy the fixtures (cabinet sink and toilet, wall mount for the lights, and install those. Figure we'll be done around April or so, since the next few weekends will be too busy to commit fully to this project.
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I'm sure others have encountered the same thing- certain songs or CDs will bring forth memories of specific (at least, in my case) memories. Some of them I remember the connection, others, I think it's the feeling that the song gives me that reminds me of another situation. Examples that come to mind:

U2's "Achtung Baby"; going over to my friends' house after school to hang out, play Nintendo, or hit up the wide world of online gaming... on Prodigy's online service.

Tears for Fears' "Elemental" (notably, the track of the same name, and "Power"): studying for a calculus test (of all things) in college, remembering worrying that I wouldn't pass the final

Buckaroo Banzai soundtrack, "Team March" (the end credits theme): watching old sci-fi and action movies with my dad in the old rec room at the house where I grew up.

Auburn Lull's "Alone I Admire" CD (and, another shout out- highly recommended if you want something soothing): honestly, this one just helps me sleep... it's a general 'warm' kind of feeling I get off of it, the kind I had when I was younger and had no worries.

Slowdive's "Avalyn I": Talking to my best friend on the way home from the movie theatre in high school about the girl who just broke his heart

Meat Puppets, "Too High to Die" (CD), Dinosaur Jr. "Feel the Pain", Hum's "You'd Prefer An Astronaut" (CD): Roadtrip from VA to New Mexico and Colorado with my best friend, summer after freshman year of college in his beat-up old 2-door white '83 Subaru. Snowboarding at Arapahoe Basin on July 4th.

The Marine Hymn: A certain pride in making it through boot camp. Getting my EGA (eagle, globe, anchor) pinned on after finishing the Crucible. Marching in Bush's inaugural parade (not that I voted for the guy).


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