Oct. 27th, 2008

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Hit the gym here at work this morning at 6 am; they've been renovating it for the past month or so, so it's been closed. Nice to get back to a semblance of... something. Wore my MCT (Marine Combat Training) shirt; one of the ladies there asked me if I served. Having talked for awhile longer, she tells me her son was in 4th LAR, Delta Company- my unit. Turns out, he was in my unit when I deployed! I recognized the name, but realized he must have joined not too long before the deployment- I think he was a scout. She's going to talk to him to see if he remembers his unit armorer. ;)

The gym itself was good- treadmill, some free weights and ab work in. They took away the incline bench, so it's all floor work now (which I guess is okay, as I hear it's bad for your knees). Planks, and crunches. Got some odd friction happening on the arch of both feet while running, so cut it a little short- didn't want to be dealing with blisters. I think I need new shoes- same thing was happening last couple of times, in the same spots, while running outside (as opposed to treadmill). I can only imagine it means the shoe has warped/lost support.

The weekend was alright- a couple of friends put together a kid's Halloween party for their little brothers/sister and their friends, and we went to help out. Nice to see them again, and the kids seemed to have fun. Some surprisingly inventive costumes there, too. The missus had a lesson in our bible study class; I gave the devotion- and realize I have my class to give in February. No biggie. Played some Lego Star Wars and Far Cry 2 on the Xbox, and that's about it- other than, y'know, cleaning up/doing laundry.

Nothing really super exciting. But I've come to some conclusions; maybe 'resolutions' is more accurate, I don't know. I have a couple of friends who ran the marathon this weekend; I'd LOVE to do that next year. So, training is on my list. And my No Excuses clause means: to the gym M/W/F, with weekend work as needed. No Excuses.

Been considering going back to school (again) for an IT degree or certificate, to help 'hedge my bets' in the job market. If I go that route, I'd enjoy IT security, or something related to enforcement of laws around cybercrimes. I don't expect I"ll be losing my job anytime soon, but one can't be too careful- my wife's already been told that furloughs are coming their way. Anyways- anybody know anything about that "Computertraining.com", or "Computer Learning Center"? Are they all they're cracked up to be? I hear them on the radio often enough...


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