Oct. 6th, 2008

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I had the most *realistic* dream I've had inawhile the other night. Not only was it realistic, but it wasn't even particularly absurd/abstract.

I was back at my boxing gym, just walking around. The place was bigger, but parts of it were under construction- as if they had bought out the storefronts next to them and were prepping to use that space. The boxing ring that was near the window got moved to the back (the school was now 'deeper' as well as 'wider'). I waved to a few MMA and boxing classmates that I recognized (hi [livejournal.com profile] hollowindigo!) who were chatting, stretching, working the bag, what have you. All very typical gym stuff. Ran across the guy who runs the school- he stopped, did a double take, and the "Hey! Glad to see you back! Are you signing back up? You know, my offer's still on the table for the original rate" talk; I asked him what was up with the gym.

They were apparently undergoing some remodeling, but decided to allow the students a hand in its design- the students would present ideas that they'd like to see implemented (an area of mats for BJJ, different bags/targets, etc.)- kind of an "Extreme Makeover: LA Boxing Edition" event or something.

I said I had to go, but would be back later... then woke up.
It was odd in its utter normality. I mean, aren't dreams supposed to be a chance for your subconcious to go to work?
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The Lehman CEO got decked in the gym today.

I'm trying to feel bad for the guy, but just can't manage it.


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