Sep. 30th, 2008

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I'm late in posting my thoughts on this one, I know, but I was away for our 4th anniversary trip (yaaaay! Details later. :) ). Most of it was pretty much expected- how did we get here, and what's being done. But something about it bugged me, like there was subtext.

The part where Bush says, essentially, 'due to poor/unethical choices by certain parties *eyes Fannie, Freddie, and others*, we're in this mess'. The subtext, to me, is:

"Well... you know... we *could* have put rules in place. Like, regulations, and stuff I don't really understand because of all those big words. But... this way is *SO* much better. It's all their fault! Nothing we could've done!"

Am I missing something there?
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The 25th marked four years of marriage to my darling wife, the woman I will care for, love, and support through anything life has to offer. She is my love, my steady hand, my clear mind, my muse, and my reason for being so much better than I am.

Thursday was the 'official' anniversary date. We stayed in town, spent lots of time cuddling, went to go see her dad and brother, did lunch with them, then a low-key dinner at Ruby Tuesday (we napped in the evening, and woke up too late to get a 'traditional anniversary dinner at a REALLY nice place'; besides, we were watching our budget). :) We then exchanged gifts- I had gotten her a dozen red roses earlier in the day (delivered), and also wrote her a poem, and bought her the last 2 boxed sets for the 'She-Ra' cartoon from the 80s (I have the He-Man series, now she has the full run of She-Ra; she loved it as a kid). Also got her the "Sex & The City" special edition on DVD.

She bought me some really cool t-shirts (one is a montage of some Transformers characters standing, looking 'ready to fight'); the other makes me laugh: it reads, "Don't make me use my superpowers." I do believe she found my favorite geek shirt. :)

Friday, we slept in and made our way to a bed & breakfast (Butterfly Fields) in Lothian, MD- it's a really nice, secluded place, and the folks who run it are very nice. All furniture is hand-made; you'll have to check out the website ( During our time up there, we went to the Eastern Shore, toured St. Michael's (small sea-side community- shops, maritime museum, etc... that's the first time I've seen jellyfish in 'the wild'... they're all OVER the port there!). Got to see Mama Mia in the theater.... found some nice local restaurants in which to eat.... there was a German-American establishment called the Old Stein Inn that had muenster cheese-blue crab bisque that was AMAZING. :)

We drove home late morning on Sunday, and basically relaxed- watched the movie I had bought her, napped, and we basically were lazy for the rest of the day. :)

I have an amazing wife. We have an amazing marriage.
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Okay, so I have a few random gift cards/certificates that are burning a hole in my pocket, but I wanna be all strategic-like in my purchase choices.

Target, $40
Wal-Mart, $10, $30

I’m thinking…

A 4gb Sansa Fuze from Target. It goes for about $90 or so (better priced than Best Buy or CC, incidentally); that’s slightly less than half off with the gift card, which is not a bad deal for a well-rated MP3 player that plays video and records voice.

For Walmart… if they have it, Kurosawa’s “Hidden Fortress”, or perhaps Heartbreak Ridge on DVD. Failing that, it’d probably be something silly, like a version of Optimus Prime that kicks anybody sporting a Decepticon t-shirt in the nuts while bellowing “Till All Are One!!!!” or something. Not entirely sure.

Amazon… see, this is where my decision process starts to break down. There is just so much crap I could spend it on. There are gaming books, and a blessed amount of games for the 360 that I could imagine (that reminds me- I should go back and revisit the review sites, see what games I need to add to my rental queue). Perhaps I should just save it, for something that really stands out to me. Had considered Heroes S1 (since I picked up S2 for 40% off with a coupon from Borders last week), the Blade Runner SE release, or the Aliens Trilogy/Quadrilogy, but am not certain on any of those.


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