Sep. 23rd, 2008

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So, I left the house early this morning in order to get some stuff done early on... stopped to get gas just before I left the development.  The car had been shuddering a bit, so I took a tour around it... and saw my rear passenger-side tire was flat.  Big piece of metal stuck in one of the treads.  No biggie- I can change a tire.

Just not without my wheeljack.  It decided to go missing.  And of course, nobody's around to ask about using theirs.  So, I come home, call in to work telling them that I'll need to get AAA out here to either jack the car up so I can change out, or tow me into a station where I can get a new tire (I''m not comfortable with the idea of driving on 50 with a flat tire- it's a little ways to a service station).

Good thing I didn't blow a tire on the toll road or something.

Anyways.  I'm at home on my laptop, running some morning processes while I wait for AAA. 

Last night, watched the first episode of this seaons' Dancing With the Stars.  Kind of a guilty pleasure, but it's entertaining to a degree (I'd rather they go after 'average Janes and Joes' on the street, but that's me).  At any rate- Cloris Leachman was dainty enough.... and then she turned into this... I don't know... drunk?  She was just 'out there'.  Was really surprised at the linebacker's grace (though I guess it's a necessity to some degree). 

Oh... and... Lacey?  The instructor dancing with Lance Bass?  Completely adorable.  Curvy, bubbly, and cute.


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