Sep. 19th, 2008

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I was watching UF last night on Spike, and was astounded with how cocky most of these guys are. Now, I get that they’re skilled. That’s cool. And I get that bravado and pugnacity sells. 
But these guys- they bought their own hype. In my mind, that’s dangerous, and here’s why- it engenders complacency. Being convinced that you can’t be beaten is tantamount to being cast from your throne. The guy who screams, and bounces around whooping and talking about how he’s a bad-ass strikes me as less of an issue than the guy who doesn’t. Because that guy is going to recognize when he’s about to lose, and he’ll adjust. He’ll fight like a cornered, pissed-off tiger trying to protect its latest kill.

One guy who had fainted during training got a lot of flak, particularly from some of the more boastful fighters.  He didn't really do a lot of talking about it, just kept getting to work.  Turns out, he won his match.  Dominated the guy.
On the other hand, boasting can be okay, if you're up against somebody who just hams it up.  One guy, quiet (but with an annoying habit of wearing his cap off-kilter while talking to the camera): “Can he beat me? He’s got a better chance of getting me pregnant.” Whereas the other guy was breaking out with, “Yo, I’m like Napoleon and Hitler, dawg. I dominate, yo. You just better watch out. I’m a dictator, and the ring is my kingdom. Dawg.” I don’t mind statements of confidence- but when you play it up, expect to be called on it.
I wanted that guy to lose just on principle. And he did. He lasted the round, but threw in the towel before the second one began. He started off well enough, but you could see him falter when all the skills he thought he had crumbled under a guy who just went to work. By the end of the round, he was asking the coaches for time- likely to see if he could outlast the pounding he was getting. He couldn’t even get his opponent in his guard- cold guy had a full mount, and just rained punches on “Hitler Jr.” for like 30 seconds straight till the bell.

The lesson:  Stop working your mouth.  Start working your challenger.


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