Aug. 25th, 2008

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So, 33 years old. You know your wife loves you when she'll indulge a Transformers-themed birthday cake at that age. ;) Like I said, I was on an 80s kick after helping her with her music mix for the girls' 80's party... her joking comment was "Y'know, the 80s stuff is hard. I mean, look at Optimus now. Clean lines. What do I have? A toy with moving parts to follow." (referring to the newly animated TF series). 

Dinner at Red Robin with family and friends, then back to the house.  My darling wife was up till 4:30 am making the cake (I stayed up with her), then till 9:30 making me breakfast in bed (breakfast burrito, hashbrowns, and fruit).  The best part, of course, was when she finally came to bed so we could cuddle.  We didn't make it to the movie (planned on seeing Wall-E), nor did we enact my backup plan, to go to a used book store for a bit.  Instead, we slept- which was just as good.  :)

Anyways, the haul: 

My diploma from undergrad framed (finally, 10 years later)
Transformers Animated S1 (despite my reservations, the series is actually well-written)
Robot Chicken S2
Wii: Transformers (some friends got me this as a 'nod' to the cake theme)
Wii: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
$50 cash
$30 Circuit City GC
$50 Amex GC (these last 3 I'll be using to buy myself a decent MP3 player- possibly a Sansa Fuze or View).
DC Comics 'sleep pants' (I have the most eccentric collection of sleep pants ever :) ) 
Various small 'gag' items- stickers, candy, etc.
(My folks had given me $100 when I visited them in Florida a few months back)
C.O. Bigelow "Elixir Blue" cologne

Something touching:  the cards my brother-in-law and father-in-law signed; they didn't buy the cards themselves.  My mother-in-law had gotten them for me, two months before she passed.  My FIL found them with my name 'stickied' on them when going through some of her things.  They get a place of honor on the display stand.  :)

The cake! )
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Why do things always try to work against you?  I came in early- 2 hours, in fact, I've been in the office since just after 6- to get something done for a customer check-in later today.

And of course, there are server issues with the very application I need to access.


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It's  somewhere in the 70s or 80s outside.

How am I freezing even wearing a fleece jacket in the office?  It's like they're pumping liquid nitrogen into my cube!


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