Aug. 4th, 2008

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Ah, toilet humor never gets old.

Went for a little jog today.  2.5 miles, untimed, outside.  Hills weren't too bad.  Had to de-cramp one of my legs mid-run, but otherwise, kept going at a moderate pace.  Sucking wind by the end.  Hoping to hit the gym again tomorrow, for abs and arms.  My neighbor wants to start a 'workout pact'- me helping him with cardio, him, me with lifting.  And my wife wants to get a WiiFit.  :)

Anyways- the bathroom.  The new one, it ees done.  Just need floorboards and caulk around the base of the toilet, but it works- sink, lights, fan, towel ring, toilet.  All of it.  Even the pictures are hung.  Now, once we clean the house (and yay, we finally mopped the kitchen this weekend after God knows how long), I'll feel better about having an appraiser out.  I'm hoping they can swing the couple thousand extra in our favor so that (at least, as of last estimate, via the property tax mailing) that we can get out from under the negative equity issue and refinance.  

Pics (before and after) forthcoming later today.  :)

Part of me thinks it's wrong to be excited about a room where you answer the call of nature, though, y'know?  ;)


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