Jul. 28th, 2008

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Given the subject of a post from a few days ago, I should preface this with "We didn't buy it, and weren't expecting it."  My mom and stepdad, as a combination 'congrats on promotion, thanks for your help, we thought you might like this because we hear it's hard to find, etc.' gift, sent us a Wii via Amazon.com.  I think what I like most about it is that my wife is all into it- she had been asking me about the Wii.  She games now and again, but not to the extent that I do.  Now she's all into Wii Tennis and stuff.  And we had the discussion about 'no new stuff right now'.  But, turns out, my folks circumvented the rule by way of gift-giving.  ;)

So, yeah, imagine our surprise when we popped open that box!  I had no idea what to expect- my mom can sometimes have eccentric taste in gifts.  My stepfather's pretty 'standard' with his giftgiving; he had been asking me for advice regarding the Wii for his grandson.  I guess they saw a second one, and got it for us.  

We picked up WiiPlay for it, more for the 2nd controller than anything else, and a 2nd nunchuck.  I have some credit over on Goozex.com, and will see if I can't score a game or two there.  During our trip to Costco, found a couple games for cheap- SSX Blur and Ghost Squad- but didn't buy them; I at least want to read some reviews first.

Next step is to get it on the 'net and see what's in the download store- old NES, Super NES, and Sega Genesis games are cool in their own right!  :)


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