Jul. 21st, 2008

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So, this won't really mean much to some of you, but others will probably be all "Huh?".  Still others will know the story behind it.

At any rate, the owner of West End Games (makers of the primary d6 System RPG products) has put the company and its assets up for sale.  This comes on the heels of an explosive blowout on RPG.net due to some mismanagement, trolling/harassment/badgering/complaining (depending on how you see it, and to be fair, the complaints were warranted) by posters, and so on.

On one hand, I think of it being a business, and know there's not really room for poorly managed businesses.  On the other, it's sad to see someone want so badly to wash their hands of something they once loved because of the shrill voices of people who actually have no stake in the matter.

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Went to see the Dark Knight this weekend- it was about 99% as good as I had hoped.  Ledger's joker was... how do I even describe it?  I could see how the character got into his head.  He wasn't twisted in the "crook with a clown motif", but twisted in the "you'd be scared to talk to him even if he were strapped to a table with no possible way of touching you."  Just the little twitches, licking of lips, change in tempo of his voice (from sing-song to vicious, to sing-song again), the way he sows chaos with the glee of a child who's out of school.  Liked the way the movie set-up Batman's reason for being hunted by the cops so much.  Bale got a bit growly at the end in the Batman persona, and a particular use of character I disagreed with, but all in all, completely worth the full price ticket.

Toilet's in.  Sink's in.  Both work.  Now it's what I dub 'non-essentials'... decorations, TP stand, etc.  Well, there's the light fixture, but we have that.  Just need to install it.  Then, mirror, towel ring, picture, and... huh.  Just the floorboard and caulking, and we're set!

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 So, some of you read about my Sam Fisher sound-a-like contest win... still waiting on my prize.  I trust the guy, but it sounds like the code he got from the store was bogus.  I'm hoping he didn't get cheated out on his end.  I feel bad for him; he's promised to deliver the code soon.

I've joked that apparently, I need to break out my SC intrusion moves.  Which will generally entail me twisting an ankle, setting off a fire alarm, and running like a little boy slathered in BBQ sauce from attack dogs.
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So, the missus and I rented a couple movies this weekend (note: if you can find a kiosk, check out the RedBox stands.  You can get a movie for $1 for one night.  The selection is somewhat limited, and tends toward the less well-known titles, but still).

Anyways, rented Definitely, Maybe and The Air I Breathe.

The first is a romantic comedy that... I don't know.  It's cute, but kind of shallow.  The 'love interest' (as in, the real one, who our hero gets to be with) is surprisingly easy on the eyes, and I have no idea who she is.

The Air I Breathe had a decent cast- Sarah Michelle Geller, Andy Garcia, Brandon Frasier, Forrest Whittaker.  It's a low-yield 'supernatural' movie that uses the storytelling mechanic of each character's life crossing the path(s) of other characters.  It's somewhat like Love, Actually, were it a modern-day noir. 

Worth the $1 perhaps.
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I signed up for my county library card (not knowing what I've done with my ancient one- haven't seen it in years).  I didn't even look at the books... I just... took it in.  A building.  Full of books.  And I can read them for free.

It's such a small thing.  We take it for granted.  But I'm just... giddy.


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