Jul. 14th, 2008

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I'm a member over on Gamertag.com, an Xbox-centric website dedicated to 360 gaming.  They recently had a contest, wherein the winner would receive 1,600 Microsoft points (the 'currency' used in their online shop to buy downloadable games, pics, etc.).  IIRC, that's about $25 in value; there's talk that there may be another small prize alongside it.

The contest was "Be the Voice of Sam Fisher".  Fisher's the main character (an NSA agent that works for a 'shadow operations' group called Third Echelon) in the Splinter Cell titles, a series known for its 'stealth-action' gameplay.  Michael Ironsides has voiced him since the beginning, but rumors suggest that the next installment will be utilizing a new voiceactor (which is sad, because I just can't see Fisher sounding any other way).

Anyways, the contest basically entailed saying a few lines, recording them, and sending the recording into the website.  Just got the PM this morning, I won!  

Yaaay!  So now I can go buy a couple XBLA games I've been eyeing!  :)
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I'm just curious... 'famous' doesn't need to be 'world famous', but perhaps 'well known in the right circles'.  Mine's a small group...

In no particular order for myself:

1)  Barbara Bush

2) Christopher Shy (of Ronin Studios fame)

3) Sean Yseult (former bassist for White Zombie)

4) I could argue my former CO, I suppose, since he was in The Wire for a season (and, apparently, Homicide: Life on the Streets)

... I don't think I'm forgetting anybody.  Kind of a short list, I know.
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   My wife lost her cellphone recently, so we opted to go ahead and get her a new one and upgrade mine at the same time.  As I'm the primary on the account, there were numerous savings to be had... after rebate, I got my new phone for all of $2 and change.

Of course, this means that I'll need a new ringtone, given that they didn't see fit to transfer them from my old phone.  I've been browsing selections... right now, I've got a few in mind:

- Justice League Animated theme (not Unlimited)
- Marine's Hymn (erroneously listed as The Marine's Theme)
- Something from UFC, either vocal or instrumental
- V's introduction, from V for Vendetta

I had thought about the bodily noises that are offered up, but somehow I forsee that going over like a fart in church insofar as my wife is concerned, if you'll pardon the irony of the turn of phrase.


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