May. 29th, 2008

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So, we got in Tuesday night and did a little grocery shopping and dinner with my father-in-law before coming home. Pretty much conked out after that. Spent yesterday catching up on laundry, planting flowers, and 'decompressing' from the trip.

The trip to Florida to see my folks was fun- we had early birthday celebrations for both my wife and myself, as well as for my folks (plus a duo of Mother's and Father's Day celebration). :)

Got to see the Kennedy Space Center (despite the GPS trying its durndest to send us through the Wildlife Preserve just to the north of it) and met up with a couple of my wife's friends from grad school who had moved down there. It was interesting; unfo, it being a weekend, we didn't get to see any of the workcrews doing their thing, despite the launch in less than a week. Still, we got some nice pics, and we were able to try out the Launch Simulator 'ride' that they opened recently.

Also got to do some horseback riding on Monday; did a little trailblazing with our guide (hip-deep in underbrush and whatnot). My poor wife got some stings from ground wasps (luckily, she's not allergic). My horse ended up kicking one of the younger girls who volunteers there (12 years old)- apparently, her horse isn't well liked by the others, and she kept trying to butt on by mine. I wasn't sure what was going on until my horse bolted for the trees. I was able to get her back under control, though- the girl was okay (took it in the thigh, and it wasn't super hard, I'm told).

Also made our way to a murder mystery dinner theatre (we had gone last year, and enjoyed it)- it’s a place in Orlando called Sleuths ( Aside from a drunken couple giving the actors a hard time (and they got theirs, in the form of what amounts to “Knock it out or leave.”), it was really enjoyable.

Oh, and got to hit some outlet stores- bought a few new workout shirts ($5 a pop- I fail to understand how people go and blow $40 on a single piece of workout clothing, unless it's specialized- rash guards, etc.), which actually motivated me to get back on the road.

Surprisingly, we didn’t get that much sun, even on the horse trail. Ate out a lot, spent some time with the folks and their dogs (two Chihuahuas and a terrier), and did enjoy a short hike through the Ocala National Forest. After our little jaunt back to Dulles, we came home, and passed out around 10ish.

All in all, an enjoyable time!

It's odd though- I feel so disconnected whenever I go away. Like I miss all this stuff on LJ, the news, my email, here at work, whatever. *shrug*


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