May. 15th, 2008

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So, I got the job. Well, it's not an *official* offer yet, but HR called me to tell me that I'm the final candidate, and that an offer is on its way. My current and future manager need to hash out a start date (I've got the week trip coming up next week, month end reporting on the 2nd, and internal audit begins this week.

I'm thinking I'll be starting the 15th (has to be the 1st or 15th, due to payroll considerations), which works fine for me- gives me the 2 week notice that I always try to give my employers out of courtesy.

It's funny how one piece of news can really change your mindset; I've been kinda down (funny anecdotes notwithstanding) about my career path, as my LJ readers can attest. So, not a half-bad way to end the week (though there was a medical scare last night- my friend, who got married last week, had to get admitted to the hospital last night, twice... they're staying with us now, since their specialist is so nearby. Had to call 911 for him around midnight; we got home about 6 am this morning. Luckily, I brought my laptop with me, so I can get some stuff done at least.)

Things seem to be calm for them now, though- so, it seems all's well.


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