May. 14th, 2008

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So, my memory decided to engage. I'm in a wedding the weekend Auburn Lull comes to town.

Dammit, I'm just gonna have to fly out to Michigan or something.
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So, the interview last night went pretty well. The senior director told me that the two managers thought highly of my qualifications, and that he thought that I seemed like the type of person they'd want on board.

He didn't offer me the job outright, but left it as "We'll see what the next steps are."

I think I've pretty much got it; now I just wait for the call from HR. Good way to end May, I think- got a week trip to Florida coming up next week, and I'll come back to a promotion (while helping my current team ensure they're not left in a lurch).

My wife's 30th birthday is coming up in early June. I need to do something for her. I'm not a huge planner type, but I'm facing the fact that she staged a surprise 30th for me at Dave & Buster's and it doesn't seem fair to not do something special for her (I mean, I'd want to anyways, but I think you know what I mean). So what do I do?

I'm thinking of inviting our friends over for a surprise at the house, but.. is that 'enough'? I mean, before, we didn't have the expenses of a house to worry us, so D&B wasn't a huge concern financially. But now we've got plans to start a family later this year, so, I have to keep that in mind too (and while some people tell me that caring for a newborn isn't as expensive as I might think, I'd also want to start things like a college fund for him/her ASAP and so on).

I think I'll get folks together, have them 'stage' in the parking lot behind us, and I'll invite my wife out on the deck to see what all these protesters are doing there. ;) I don't think weather will be an issue at that point; I'd have to worry about the cake, and enough food for people. I guess we could do it potluck... would that be cheap/tacky?

We've been watching Dancing With the Stars, and she keeps saying she'd love to take dancing lessons... so... I think that might be my gift to her. Thing is, it'd also kind of be a gift to me (since I'd be participating); what to get her that is 'her gift' is the question. I write her a poem as a tradition on 'special days', so there's that... but... something else. Something she can show off. Jewelry? Maybe. I dunno.


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