May. 7th, 2008

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So, I had what might be called a follow-up interview today.  I say 'might', because it was actually with a member of the team who had a conflict yesterday and couldn't be present at that interview.  It was nice, though- a bit more informal, and I knew her from working elsewhere in the company before. 

So, she told me a bit more, and mentioned that the hiring manager thought I might be a good fit for a certain role within the group (still Ops Manager, just with a focus on one part of their duties).  And while there would be long hours (to which I'm accustomed already), she mentioned that they're rewarded for their efforts.

This group also works under the watchful eye of the division VP, which means that their successes and failures aren't swept under the rug.  I kind of like that, to be honest.

The saving grace was when she told me that she got hired into the same role I'm applying for with no technical (SQL, general database, etc.) knowledge, but has really thrived by learning on her own.  This is also something I like; it makes me feel a little more comfortable that I've only taught myself some basic HTML and Javascript some years ago.

All in all, it sounds busy, fast-paced... but rewarding, and it's management, which is where I want to go.  The idea that I'd be learning SQL is helpful, since it's used in many other positions in the company anyways.

I'm told the next step is a follow-up with the group director.  Here's to hoping!


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