May. 6th, 2008

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 I've got an interview this morning for a management position here in the company... I think I'll do okay, but a little good-luck wishing never hurt anybody.  :)
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The interview went fairly well, overall.  They seemed to appreciate my answers (specifically, about how I self-taught myself things, and dealing with high-tempo environments); I didn't know SQL, but they said that it's helpful, but not essential, since the applicant would learn everything they needed if hired.  The learning curve would come from 'self-starting'; they needed someone with initiative.  

Of course, it might not have hurt when they mentioned long hours and weekend and I didn't bat an eye.  I would, of course, want to be compensated, but we'll see.  Decision to be made in a couple weeks, due to the number of positions and applicants.

The weekend was nice, though my allergies came back in full force.  I was the best man in a friends' wedding (opposite my wife, the matron of honor).  Went up to Maryland, hung out with the groomsmen, went to rehearsal (and a BBQ rehearsal dinner, set in the country, which killed my allergies), saw Iron Man, got ready for the wedding, and did our parts.  The reception was nice- my wife and I had a nice 'duet' of a speech prepared, which seemed to be well-received.  Took off Monday to go up to Charles Town Races & Slots w/ the bride & groom and their respective parents; stayed only a few hours.  My wife and I just didn't find much entertainment in the chance the machines presented, and there weren't any races going on- only lost about $17, overall.  Still, it was nice to spend time with our friends; did a buffet meal, and came back home in the afternoon yesterday.  Laundry, sorting through mail and email, and prepping for today's interview.

 On Iron Man- it's an enjoyable flick.  Go see it.  It's especially fun if you 'get' some of the references, but even without, it's a fun action-fest, that doesn't seem to rely on special effects so much as put them to good use.  Robert Downey Jr. really has fun with the role, you can tell.


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