Apr. 28th, 2008


Apr. 28th, 2008 08:57 am
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Happy to hit the gym again this morning... 2.6 miles in 25 minutes, 30 minutes of abs, some arm work (free weights), and a cooldown.  Felt pretty good, all told.  Trying to break myself out of my less healthy routines- staying up late, eating high-sugar late at night, drinking too much soda, etc.

Oh, funny little thing.  To me, anyhow... so, my wife and I were getting the trash together to take out last night.... we had made a meal of burritos last week, and realized that we had some of the leftovers.  I was in a playful mood, so when my wife gave me an opening during our conversation, I went for it.

My wife, sorting through papers: Hey hon, we'll need to throw out the Mexican.
Me:  Why, was he being mean to you?
My wife:  .... wait, what?  Oh, shut up.
Me:  I mean, gosh, honey, I imagine he has a name...
My wife:  Shut up!  *SMACK!*

Played a little Karaoke Revolution last night; my wife blew out the 1st place spot with... I want to say Like A Virgin... I'm in the top 10 somewhere, with my rendition of Heartbreak Hotel.  Traded in a bunch of games for Grand Theft Auto 4, will pick up Tuesday.  I never was 100% sold on the series (particularly not the last one)... but by all accounts this is going to be one of those games that almost defines multiplayer options and 'sandbox' game types.  Aside from the commercials, I don't think even Halo 3 got this much fanfare.

Saturday saw us at Dave & Buster's in Maryland, for a dinner with our friends who are getting married and the rest of the wedding party.  I got to the couple's apartment early to pick up the groom (the bride was with my wife at her mom's house, at the shower); I got a chance to play Rock Band- granted, only on bass ("Hey, lookit, something I actually don't fail out of!"), but still, it's enough to interest me yet further in picking up the set.  After that, the plan was to have the guys go back to their apartment and play video games all night (ah, the boon of having a friend who manages a Gamestop) while the ladies went back to our house to watch movies and play games.  None of us drink, so the whole bar scene was pretty much out anyways.  Turns out that the bride-to-be had been fighting a flu/cold that finally got the best of her, my wife was ready to collapse from sheer exhaustion, my allergies were acting up, and various other folks were in various states of less-than-healthy.  So, we postponed it (the wedding's next weekend)... they didn't mind, as it seemed like everybody would pretty much crash after they got to their respective locations anyhow.  We'll figure something out for everybody.

Sunday, we slept in till about noon; did a little work around the house, then went to a viewing in the evening.  The deceased had been one of my wife's participants at her workplace... the man served in the Czech army (and as part of the underground) during WW2, then was offered a civilian role with the US Army there as a translator (he spoke 7 or 8 languages).  Spent time in a concentration camp... got his US citizenship from the State Dept. based on his years in theatre with the Army.  He was a nice guy; I spoke to him a few times.  Seemed to really enjoy the fact that I had been "a young man in the Marines."  I gotta say, guys like that- they make you realize that you could be doing so much more, you know?


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