Apr. 25th, 2008

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Hit the gym at 6 am this morning; 2.5 mile treadmill run (23:30), 30 minutes abs, 10 minutes cooldown. I felt really good; enough to feel winded, but not like I killed myself. I want to work out a schedule for myself- concentrate on different areas in succession- if I'm going to run... really run... I don't want to worry about abs, for example. Think I'll work that out today sometime.

I think I might've made some kind of social faux pas in the gym. This girl- sorry, young woman- was doing her own thing in front of me as I did my abs work. I wasn't really paying attention till she did something akin to a hurdler's stretch, and I happened to see on her sock a logo of two 'B's, the second one 'inverted' against the other.

Those of you who are fans of 80s sci-fi movies know what I was thinking when I saw the logo. Those that don't, it looked something like this:

That's the logo from the movie, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai. So I asked this girl, who doesn't know me from Adam, what the logo meant. She said she had no idea, she got those for Christmas. "Do you know what it means?" she asked. So, I had to show my geek cred and tell her that it was from an old 80s sci-fi movie. She did that little laugh- ladies, you know the one- where it's more humoring the silly man who's talking to you? Yeah. So, she's either forgotten it, which is likely, or will be telling friends about how this dork in the gym tried to use her socks as a pick up line. *shrug*

Maybe I'm just being self-concious. I always worry that I'm giving off the wrong vibe when I talk to a girl in the gym, like I'll say or do something that makes her think the only reason I'm talking to her is to try to hit on her.  The irony is that the gym is the last place I'd try to 'hit on' a gal, were I even single (happily married now as it is, and I never really 'hit on' girls anyways).

Anyways, better things- I'm proud of myself of getting back on the bandwagon of keeping in shape.  Once a couple of things pan out, I'm going to be looking into training again- there are a couple of places in Tyson's I've been considering- one was mentioned to me the other day, via one of my LJ's friends' comments field, the other is literally a block away down on Tyco Rd (which includes CrossFit training).  This may or may not preclude the capoeira classes I've mentioned before- or vice versa; largely depends on which demos I like more, what the schedules are, and what I'd get for membership fees.

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So, we had this meeting, right- we had been asked to go over the 'life of a trade' for our auditors, and, since I'll be heading up the responses to auditing projects that are coming our way, I got to lead the meeting.

I was prepared- had all the documentation, knew it'd be between 6 and 8 people, plus my boss and myself.  Printed out trade tickets, settlement records, reconciliation files, the works.  

So, when I'm handed a document, a flowchart of our procedures- one I hadn't seen before, no less- I get a little irked.  Not that I don't know what we do and how we do it, but 1) this is not what the meeting was scheduled to be about, 2) I just wasted a good hour of my time getting the documentation I brought and now you don't want- or even need- to see it, and 3) the time that was slated was not nearly enough to go through everything in detail.  

Oh, and- 2 hour meeting?  Yeah.  Good idea to book a room for just one hour, and think, "Oh, we'll just find somewhere else to hold the 2nd hour."


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