Apr. 11th, 2008

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Article in the LA Times about McCain's reluctance to support the new GI Bill.

McCain must lead the charge.

What gets me is this little gem:

"The White House has voiced concern on the bill, arguing that if returning troops are offered a good education, they will choose college over extending their service. This is as offensive as it is absurd."

There are whole slew of other, colorful words I could be using for that if it's true. As someone on RPGnet said, though- when a four star suggests that you hop on board, you might want to at least consider what he's saying.
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I wasn't going to even buy this, but FYE was having a rebate/sale that got it down to $20, so I figured what the heck. The SP campaign is... well, not bad, but it's not superb yet. I'm only a short way into the game, anyways.

I haven't tried the MP yet, but I do understand that's where the game shines. I might have time tonight to give it a whirl.

So, last night, I decided that I'd just mess around the SP. I got to the point where the ops center gets raided, and you have to escape from underground with some Marines via the Warthogs. So, the twisted part of me, seeing a wounded Marine being tended to by a medic, says "I wonder what would happen if I decided to enact some of my own triage...."


The medic stands, looks at me, draws his weapon, and says, "Jesus, Chief. He was one of ours!" The medic then runs around a stack of crates, and stands over another wounded Marine... as if... daring me?


"Dammit, Chief, I didn't wanna do this!!!!" *ratatatatatat with his gat* I drop the medic... another Marine comes running over.

"You know, Chief... you could've just asked him for his weapon."


I have to say, the AI does have some funny lines. "Hey, pedestrians have rights too!" (having nearly been run over by a Ghost); "You drive- I wanna shoot things!" (boarding the Warthog), and so on.


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