Apr. 1st, 2008

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So, this weekend my wife and I went down to NC to help my best friend of 20 years and his wife finish clearing their house for their move out of the country. He had told me that he had some books to give me; I hadn't expected what else he found and gave to me, as he was of the mindset that he'd rather his stuff go to his friends if they can use it rather than Goodwill or strangers.

The list, cut for space. )

All of which for simply helping them clear out, and the cost of gas to transport them up here to VA. We would've ended up with some nice Optimus brand speakers (I think they were... L300s?) and a subwoofer had we been able to fit them in the Highlander; as is, they ended up at their neighbor's house in NC.

Totally didn't expect that; I think I inventoried it to let it sink in just how much stuff we were given. While I'm of course thankful for it all, if I had to choose between 'stuff' and 'seeing my friends', I can say without hesitation I'd choose the latter.

I'll miss my friends.


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