Mar. 24th, 2008

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So, got the bathroom completely mudded, sanded, primed, and painted by Saturday evening (with help from my wife's father). Patched up a couple cracks on one of the ledges upstairs (it had split slightly from the wall before we bought the house, leaving a small gap you could see from the floor above- but not any more!)

Caught up on laundry, organized some files on the computer, got the garage organized to the point we can walk through it now. Even got some time in for Bioshock on the 360.

Went to Easter service on Sunday, ran into my best friend and his wife (the couple that'll be moving to New Zealand in just over a week)- they had come up to spend Easter with his family. Also celebrated my father-in-law's birthday by watching Horton Hears a Who, and having dinner and cake. Went back home to tidy up, and called it an early night. (Also made the mental note that May and June will be busy months in terms of going to see movies- Speed Racer, Iron Man, Indiana Jones, Wall*E, and Dark Knight are all on our 'want to see' list).

Who knows, I might just have to hit the gym during lunch- might as well take advantage of this productivity while it lasts!

Ah, we also watched Enchanted on DVD- fairly enjoyable movie, with a different take on the standard cartoon-fairy tale-romance idea.


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