Mar. 14th, 2008

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So, out of the blue the other day, I got an IM from one of our traders asking how my year-end (read: evaluation) went. Due to certain bureaucratic realities that I still don't fully comprehend, reviews are given in February, and the results (compensation) are given in mid-March.

I told him I was generally pleased, even sans promotion (though I certainly wouldn't have declined a promotion, even if I didn't expect one!); he then asked me if I was looking, to which I responded that I had feelers internally and externally, and optimally I would like to stay here or work for the feds, depending on opportunities: his response was to say that I was well-respected and liked on the desk, and that I should keep at it, I was in a good place.

Now, I have a pretty good relationship with our trading desk, I think- which is good, since my job is to support them. But it's uncommon for us to talk about general professional matters to any great extent (we do talk about specific trade related matters, of course, as well as just shooting the bull)- and even more so to have the above unsolicited question and compliment. Part of my development plan was to sit with the traders to see how they do their thing; when I mentioned that part of my interest in doing so was to see if working on the desk was something that would interest me, I was invited to sit with the trader one morning- which would be earlier this morning, as a matter of fact.

It was an interesting (if brief) look into the trader's morning- it's not quite as arcane to me as it once was, and it was good to be able to make the connections between what they do and what I do. I was further invited to sit during the fed funds market (I normally support liquidity trades via the DTC market, but have supported fed funds as well) close sometime next week, to see how that works.

Who knows- is this a prelude to something in the pipeline? Is it an experience to simply help with choices in the future? It's something that interested me more as a career choice than it used to, that's for sure.
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If you are on Live, why aren't ya on my friend list?

If ya are on my list, whatcha playin'?
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A few weeks back, a story circulated about a kid who sent his Xbox 360 in for repair. This wasn't unusual- except for the fact that the kid had spent no small amount of time gathering signatures of notable video game industry figures on the case of the console. He was assured he'd get it back "as-was".

He didn't. The console had either been scrubbed clean, or the case switched out for another one.

Members of Bungie, apparently, caught wind of the story- and pitched in to help.

Now that's pretty cool.


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