Mar. 5th, 2008

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Well, if we're ever truly strapped for cash, I guess I know what my part time job will be!
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Five years ago today, I got the call that my unit would be deploying to Iraq, and that I'd be going with them. It's odd, thinking about what I felt when I got that news. Some excitement, a lot of fear, and an understanding of what it meant to do your duty. The hardest part of that particular day was telling my mom (who balled for a good half hour on the phone), and talking to my wife (then fiance), who actually got the news before I did (the 'advantage' of being part of the civilian volunteer network for the unit).

I do hope my unit is okay... I need to find out where they are; I believe they shipped out 'for real' again late last month, but I haven't been able to get word for certain.

Hit the gym this morning... 2 mile run, treadmill, untimed; 25 push ups (more to just limber up my arms than actual strength training; lots of ab work of various sorts- no count, just worked to what could be called muscle failure. I do enjoy having a free gym here at the office. I'm truly looking forward to it warming up a bit more so I can run outside; the treadmill is a little hard on my back. But at least I know how far I've gone.

I do wonder what happened to that 'spark' I used to have, where I really enjoyed working out. Found myself bored, for the most part, this morning.


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