Feb. 20th, 2008

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Well, I beat Mass Effect last night, at any rate. It was a good ride; I now have to decide if I want to play through again at a harder difficulty. See, I'm one of those people who will play the single-player campaign through on 'Easy' so that I can see the storyline, and experience the game. If I enjoy the game enough, I'll go back through and play it again; achievements aren't a huge deal for me. I still have yet to even spin up Bioshock... now that I'm through with ME, I won't have that hanging over me.

Did some laundry, but most importantly- finally got Norton off my desktop, and replaced with suitable alternatives. Also unjacked the registry via a cleaner program- it runs noticeably better now.

This weekend was good- got to see Christian Finnegan at the Improv in DC with a bunch of friends. My buddy and his wife (who are moving to New Zealand in April) came up, and some other friends from the area, Colorado, and Pennsylvania all crashed around our place as a 'going away weekend' for them, which was fun*. The clean-up to prepare for this little shindig reminded us just how badly we need to sort through those boxes. I'm not sure how much more creative I can get in order to store them!

Picked up Children of the Horned Rat for the WHFRPG yesterday at Borders (yaaay 40% off!); I'm slowly collecting this series that's always kind of interested me anyhow now that BI is going buh-bye later this year.

* Having a 2-year old refer to me as 'your majesty' without prompting didn't hurt. :D


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