Feb. 15th, 2008

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My two best friends have moved, or will be moving, far, far away. Well, I suppose Colorado isn't *that* far- I mean, it's still within the CONUS. But, still, he and his wife have a kid now, which likely means minimal visits either to or from. My other best friend and his wife will be moving to New Zealand come April or so- they're coming up this weekend for a 'going away get-together'.

I've known these guys since 8th grade (that's... 1987/88?). They are my two best friends. We grew up on and through video and role-playing games, TMNT, the advent of the widely-available internet, The Crow, Robotech, anime in general, Battletech, Prodigy (the network service), arcades (like Playtime, down on Main St in Fairfax before it became an eye doc's place), summer trips to Ocean City, a game convention at GMU and one in Crystal City before we understood what "Cat Piss Men" were, Aliens, learning to drive, late nights at the Fair Oaks theatre (before it became the Waterford), TP'ing a guy's house, walking in graduation and staying up all night before going to King's Dominion, losing loved ones, realizing that North Carolina or Radford isn't *that* far away, and being wed to the women we loved and standing in each other's honor. We've weathered arguments and personality clashes, but still came out brothers.

I have friends in the area, certainly. My gaming group are good people (though I don't see them as often as I'd like), and my wife's friends have their respective guys with whom I get along.

But there's just something to be said for long-time friends. I'm going to miss my friends. I'm going to miss my brothers.


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