Jan. 23rd, 2008

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I'm trying to move forward in my professional life into a managerial and/or analytical position in the finance field. I'm finding that I meet *most* of the requirements for such positions, save some computer applications, queries, programs, and languages that I've simply not had reason to use to this point.

Applications/etc. of note:

SQL (MS, Oracle 9g)
PL SQL (?)
MS Query
Advanced Excel, Access

The last one I can manage on my own- I know where and how I can improve my Excel and Access skills (and my Access REALLY needs work). But I'm curious about the others- are there certifications to be had to show that "Hey, this guy knows how to use it"? Are there different certifications for the same application but different reasons (ie, programming vs. administration)?

I'm figuring that I can probably seek out classes at my local community college (or, even going through the university that granted me my MBA) to get the experience using it, but I'd like there to be something 'solid' to put on my resume to stand out with regard to one or more of these items. I know some schools offer certification programs- would this be something out of the ordinary?

I'm willing to put forth the effort, I'm just not sure where to start. Any insight's appreciated!

Oh, I should also note that I have zero experience with these applications- so if there are other things I should know, preliminary classes and whatnot, I'd like to know about those too!
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Thanks to a conversation with some friends, I now have the terms "anal corn" and "ass gravy" in my head.


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