Jan. 4th, 2008

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And I mean that in a non-sarchastic way. This is taken from an RPGnet user, handle of "OldKentuckyShark":

Also, according to rumor, a single tear from Obama's cheek can slay demons and cure vitiligo and impetigo. His stride is as of a titan's, seven leagues at a time, and while he holds a microphone in his hand he canst take no mortal wound wound nor shed a single drop of his own blood. He speaks the native tongue of birds, and converses happily with all beasts of hoof and paw, even to the lowliest vole and marmot. Gracious as the kings of old, Obama carries no money nor answers unkind word with like. Peonies spring up where his feet trod, and were he to lay his weary head upon the ground a mighty cedar, like unto the old father trees of Bsharri and Barouk, would spring forth to shade his noble brow. In the elven tongue he is Lothlornienel, with means "Laughter in the High Places", and the dwarves call him earthfriend, as well as "Khazad ak Manu", which means "He who does not wear patriotic lapel pins." His is the drill that shall pierce the heavens: believe in him believing in you! The Neocons speak of him in hushed tones in their shadowed, dusty halls, and refer to the ancient scrolls of the fallen empire of Mnem, which foretells of the coming of the Dusky Childe, who shall scourge their number from the halls and rotundas and tear down the altars in the high places and bring the three terrible plagues of Health Care and White Guilt and Political Transparency. They say that he will travel to Shibboleth, where the heart of Karl Rove is kept, inanimate, inside a Canopic jar and breaks the seals and feast upon the contents therin: and with the power thus consumed he will erect a throne of jade and jasper and lapus lazuli, and rule upon it, and the thunderous gnashing of teeth from the Red States will play Hail to the Chief as he ascends the dais.

So... there's that.
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He played an officer in either (or both) the 2nd and 3rd seasons of 'The Wire':

He's in the background, playing Officer Anthony Colicchio; apparently he also played in Homicide: Life On the Street.

Last I heard he had gone back to Iraq recently as part of the 5th CAG (Civil Affairs Group), and was wounded by an IED. I can't confirm his injuries, but that's at least twice he's gone back.

Just always found it... interesting... knowing our CO was an actor. I can't recall if I mentioned it here before, and a cursory search doesn't seem to tell me I have.


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